hmmm...i was once an atheist!bou three years ago!! but i had quit bein one!! i was also a shit head who really wanted to die...actually i still am..but not that into that die-ing thing!!! im so obsessed with my self..i am vain...but fyi baby..i am 40% obese!! i am not ashame of it cuz that what i am!!!

i have so many personalities...my demn side..my bea side...my charlie side...

me..myself...and i !!!

demn!!!!! a gurl who really loves to die!! really loves surfing the net!!! answering stupid surveys!! chatting with sum fucking ass!!! she sum kinda like rock song!!!light only!!!bamboo fan!! some sort of anti-social!!! wishes to be a real life luxcious vampire!!!!

bea!!!! shes one in a million!!!a very emotional gurl!!!!i mean very!!! she loves superman alot! also the band bamboo!!she often chats online with her friends..and shes one great bitch when it comes to giving advices!!!right now she's really into playing gunbound!!!she dreams of having a siberian tiger and a dog pound someday!!

charlie!!! have you ever watched hide and seek!!! charlie is very dangerous!! you really need to watch out!!


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Wednesday, April 11, 2007
how to kill a mocking gay!?!

ever wonder why in this world ders a lot of gay?!

God only created man and woman..how come ders a 3rd sex and even 4th!

and worse they reproduce faster than d normal sex considering there maternal incapacity!?!


Posted at 11:41 by .demn.


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