hmmm...i was once an atheist!bou three years ago!! but i had quit bein one!! i was also a shit head who really wanted to die...actually i still am..but not that into that die-ing thing!!! im so obsessed with my self..i am vain...but fyi baby..i am 40% obese!! i am not ashame of it cuz that what i am!!!

i have so many personalities...my demn side..my bea side...my charlie side...

me..myself...and i !!!

demn!!!!! a gurl who really loves to die!! really loves surfing the net!!! answering stupid surveys!! chatting with sum fucking ass!!! she sum kinda like rock song!!!light only!!!bamboo fan!! some sort of anti-social!!! wishes to be a real life luxcious vampire!!!!

bea!!!! shes one in a million!!!a very emotional gurl!!!!i mean very!!! she loves superman alot! also the band bamboo!!she often chats online with her friends..and shes one great bitch when it comes to giving advices!!!right now she's really into playing gunbound!!!she dreams of having a siberian tiger and a dog pound someday!!

charlie!!! have you ever watched hide and seek!!! charlie is very dangerous!! you really need to watch out!!


more bout me!!

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Thursday, June 11, 2009
after a year or so
i havent opened my account here since friendster and other sites became popular..but since my friends are into blogging again i tried to open this..i was kina ignorant at first but i think i still know how to use it...
so everyone out there..il be blogging here too..cuz my multi is so overexposed to public...

Posted at 03:39 by .demn.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007
how to kill a mocking gay!?!

ever wonder why in this world ders a lot of gay?!

God only created man and woman..how come ders a 3rd sex and even 4th!

and worse they reproduce faster than d normal sex considering there maternal incapacity!?!


Posted at 11:41 by .demn.

Monday, April 02, 2007

hinde ko alam kung anong ang dahilan ko bakt ako nand2 sa mundong ito...

alam kong lahat ng ito ay may dahilan! bakit nga ba bughaw ang mga ulap?! bakit hindi ganwang berde?! ang tao..bakit kaylangan magmahal hinde nlng tulad ng mga robot na walang pakiramdam?!

sana naging ganun nanlng din ako...

oo pinangarap kong magmahal at mahalin din...pero ngayon hinde na! mas kaaya aya siguro kung magiging robot nalang ako na walang pakiramdam!

hindi nio ba naisip kung walng nagmamahlan wala rin sakitan walang bayolente walang patayan walang masasamang loob! bakit hinde nlng tayo naging robot lahat para mas naging hindi kumplkiado ang mundong ito!!!


Posted at 11:10 by .demn.

Saturday, February 03, 2007
shit happens...

oh freakin hell....i havnt blog like for a lyftym....

eniweiz...so many things happened...and i really mean sooo much...

juz this week i went to batangas...and felt great having fun...bein wid ur 2nd family..

yesterday because of my boredom we drank...but not dat much cuz i still have my class d following morning...d thing was i was inspired by der stories...how greatful i am dat barbaric tyms are over already... i am really looking forward to our bonding tym... i wanna everybody...

 i can conclude dat i am blessed... i already have everything...wealth...beauty...brains...families...i have siblings hus alweiz der...a mother to guide us in evry way...a father to provide us.... my second family - my kappans.... and most especially my God....

i know wat i hve juz wrte is senseless...i juz lyk to write wat my mind says me....haha...


later deiz...

ad majorem dei gloriam!!


Posted at 21:48 by .demn.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

i am not supposed to be here tonyt....

it is supposed to be our finals night....the ending day of us being a few and proud embryo....but unfortunately our site was hit with the latest tthypoon....

the life being an embryo surely rock!!!!

my world has been open to new people!!!! and i really liked it...no i loved it!!! and surely...i will!!!!!


Posted at 20:20 by .demn.

Monday, November 06, 2006
reminscing d past...

it has been 3 yrs since d day i found u...

we were so not true to oursleves den...

after almost 2 years of shameless uncontentment we decided to be in each oders arms....

for 8 months d flower has bloomed its way up...

 it has reaced its peak and den died...

loving sum1 is hard, letting go of sum1 is harder but knowing when to let go is the hardest part...

so everyone out der reading this.... try to learn when to let go...

for me it is the right time...

hirs a pic of us den...


Posted at 19:10 by .demn.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

can anyone answer why the unexplainable things are not meant for explaining?!?!

i dont know why, i cant make any one happy...haha...

why cant i remember the things i have just said a few hours ago!!! i really cant!!!!!im so stupid!!!!!


i just wanna say that i really love...and i dont want to ever loose you!!!!

il try to make the most out of it, if theres any... hay.....

il try to find out the feelings i have to let go!!!!

later deiz...

god bless...

Posted at 21:03 by .demn.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

this was far the most irritating week ive ever had!!!!!!!

i hate my life!!!!!

making a decision is the thing i suck most!!!!!!!

i hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

never expect anything beyond your reach!!!

the thing i am sure of this time!!!!

i hate my life!!!

i hate everything!!!!!!!!

Posted at 16:36 by .demn.

Saturday, September 09, 2006
new breed vets!!!

i honour him with all respect! i admire him! i even picture myself with him after 8 years, wrestling with those beauty!!!! life is like a box of chocolate, you can naver tell what youre gonna get!!!

as a part of respect, a simple biography for a great man!!!!

Stephen Robert Irwin was born in 1962 in a suburb of Melbourne and spent his childhood in Queensland, where his parents, Bob and Lyn Irwin, operated a wildlife park; he grew up with wild animals, including crocodiles.

He met his American-born wife, Terri, when she was vacationing in Australia in 1991. Film from their honeymoon in the wild — trapping crocodiles — was used in creating their first documentary. She became his business partner and, styled as the Crocodile Huntress, she was an on-screen co-star in his television shows and in a 2002 feature film, “The Crocodile Hunters: Collision Course.”

Mr. Irwin was caricatured in “South Park” for his penchant for phrases like “Check out the size of this bloke!” and “Whew, he’s getting cranky!” He also appeared in the 2001 film “Dr. Dolittle 2” with Eddie Murphy . His fame engendered books, action figures and interactive games and, for a time, tube-watching pub crawlers played a drinking game, hoisting a glass every time Mr. Irwin said, “Crikey!” or, “Isn’t she a beauty?” His parents’ wildlife park, renamed Australia Zoo and expanded and developed by Mr. Irwin, became a popular tourist attraction.

you know you make it when your name is in google!!!

but for him, not only in google, australia...but also in the philippines, fox, nbc, new york times,yahoo,ask jeeves, animal planet and most of all in my blog!!!!

rest in peace crikey!!!


Posted at 19:42 by .demn.

confessions of a frustrated NVAT passer!!!

paasing the National Veterinary Assessment Test is not a joke!!! it can make or break you!!!! in my case, it is starting to break me...mentally, physically and emotionally!!!

life is unfair, but with this kind of situation...life is even more unfair than unfair!!!!

i started my week bad, the sad part is i am to end it even wosrt than worst!!!

sunday.... i was again sick due to my still not recovering unhealthy immune system...i had upper respiratory tract infectionwe went to asian hospital because i cant breathe, while waiting for my release BAMBOO!!!! got in the emergency room... as soon as i knew his presence i got up my bed and went looking for him i had the chance to talk to him and have a picture taken with him..

mon.... i didnt have the guts to go to school, its my midterms week an i havent read a single letter from any of my books, i decided to just stay, afternoon that day i realized i have to study for my exams i dont have anything to read at home so i hurriedly took a bath and went back to my sunken dungeon, the rain was so heavy that we had croos the road with water as high as my tibia and fibula!!!haha. after that another challenge came, traffic jam!!! fortunately a detour was created!!! when i got home i was so exhausted, but still i need to sudy!!! so i stayed up late...

tues... my test was not that difficult because of the tips and stuffs higher years has given us... then we had another film showing about nonsense things, in the afternoon we had our review in anatomy, it was so useless!!! he did not elaborate things that we are looking for, he was like..... this one is pig...this one is horse...this one is cattle...this one is goat....not the kind of review i was looking for!!!!

wed...everything happens for a reason!!!! micro bio is hard subject having dr. ginon as your prof make it more harder than it is supposed to be...fortunately tin sat beside me... we joined forces in answering the exam...juz hope that eithier of us is coorect!!!!! after that brain draining exam another exam made me even frustrated... parasitology for some people is not important but fo dr. g it is the most important subject making us suffer to death... s/he asked us to answer almost 35 scientific names!!!!! with the correct spelling and proper writing!!! if i were to give him an exam like that can he answer it?!?! thats the problem with you people you tend to challenge your students but when you are challenged you refuse to take it!!! we are only  students, we cant focus on your subjects alone we have other subjects to study.. we understand you envying our ana clas, try to understand us that ana is one of the most important foundation we need to be successful with this career!!!

thurs...the judgment day!!!! its a good thing our clas starts at 3pm... we still have time to be familiar with different bones of different animals!!! the bad thing is he will not give you a bone larger than you ballpen....his motto(by me):the smaller, the harder, the better!!!he doesnt want his class to pass any of his exams!!! insecurity is my diagnosis, he doesnt want his students to be better than him!!!! he doesnt want a student good enough to feel superior over him!!!!and most of all he doesnt want his student to fell that they are his students, he wants them to feel that they are superhuman with super powers.dividing and managing time is easy but with this kind of professors 24 hours in a day is not sufficient!!! the only rest we can give ourselves is the rest we cant give oursevles.confusing isnt it...that reality... rest is not in the vocubalary!!!

friday!!!it is our mother mary's birthday and still we have a class?!?! its not just that!!! we still have a report despite of the occasion and for gods sake its exam week!!!!we should have had not attended your class because its our university rule no class during examination!!!!?!?! is that a hard policy?!?!or your just that lame to understand that?!?! well...attending mass made me a little less disstressed!! another exam approaching!!! stupidity and leakage!!!a student with no leakage will not study a lesson not included in the coverage, but a student with leakage will do!!! stupidity?! a professor will not give a separate exam with same questions on a separate time!!!! another stupid thing!!! gino should have carry his own chair even higher that what he could actually reach!!!!haha 

saturday... be considerate enough!!!! anatomy laboratory made our brains swell with those disarticulated disarticulated bones!!!!we still have to drain ou brains with another disarticulated disarticulated bones!?! we are students, teenagers...our mind can still store enough memories, but with your articulated memories together with other professors...our cranial cavity cannot attain that!!!!

with this, i am publicly stating that doctor of veterinary medicine is not a simple course... you must be ready with everything...expect the unexpected!!! like the failing of all my exams!!!!yes...i am sure!!! i will fail all my exams this mid terms!!!!

*my life is far more unfair than unfair!!!! 


Posted at 18:17 by .demn.

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